Monday, February 18, 2008

Murder of a Princess

It appears that Mr Al Fayed is an intelligent republican after all, who knows exactly how perfidious Albion, really works. All Irish republicans know that Mr Al Fayed speaks the truth,we have known this for centuries, how can the House of Orange support a German King ?

This former MI5 agent speaking in America about her experiences changes direction momentarily where she expresses her opinion that Princess Diana's death was part of a plot and no accident for her opposition to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

She is just a puppet for the monarchy. I think that the monarchy felt threatened that palace secrets were out in the open and that frightened them. I don't know how Diana lasted as long as she did in that environment. She was doing just fine "navigating her new world" as it was so put until the monarchy silenced her forever. Took the prince's mother away from them forever.

The king ordered it it'll never come out tho anyone who gets near the truth will be mince meat...some say he rules the country from behind the scenes and the goverment are just puppets he pulls the strings ...maybe so...the queen once said..there are dark forces at work within this country...i believe it...the royals are elites these kind of people never truly give up the rains of power there powerful..and we all no what power does to peoples heads

david icke talks further, about the princess diana assassination.

david icke elaborates on the princess diana assassination

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