Friday, April 9, 2010




Joe Glackin CelticGaelFaithful said...

When you read so much and watch how Israel perpetrates atrocities against the Palestinians and still supported by their US Allies creates a few questions.

Why do Zionist Israel play the anti semitic card which involves murder and orchestrated violence against non Zionist Jews .

Why do Zionist Isral supply and arm Neo Nazi Protestant Orange/Loyalists whose brethren are Protestant KKK aerian groups etc. . They are ,Anti Jew,Catholic Afro Americans/Spanish

How could they morally support Neo Nazis for obvious reasons.

Why is it said that its in the Zionist interest for attacks by Hezbollah so as to react without any control on its atrocities.

Why was it allowed in Nazi Germany for the blue & white Zionist flag to fly alongside the Swastika.

Why was Rabbi Weisandel,s $2M million not accepted by Zionist powers in Switzerland for the safe passage of all European Jews to Palestine in 1942

Why did Zionist leader Rezso Kasztner pay for any Zionist Jewsknow to be released from Nazi camps etc

Why are attacks by Hamas /Hezbollah h create little injuries in present times compared to Israeli reactive non defensive atrocities on Civilians .

There are many questions,no answers anddeath to those who question

sweettina2 said...

According to one, it is a trick. See this video: