Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Slaughter of Anti-Semitic Babies

After two days of murders, of more than 30 prisoners of Gaza Concentration Camp and the killing of five young children, including a six month old baby by Laser guided missiles, fired from aircraft, subsidized by the American taxapayers, some humane Jews, are now starting to question their Governments policies, of targeting Anti-Semitic babies. The prisoners of Gaza Concentration Camp killed a 47 year old man recently, in retaliation for the murder of more than 200 of its prisoners in Gaza in the last three months.

Meanwhile in the US media hardly a day passes without the press documenting, the re-emergence of anti-Semitism in Europe. France and Britain are singled out as the worst offenders. Israel's daily newspaper Haaretz has included reports on the "New Anti-Semitism" on its website.

Commentators have stated that Israel's preoccupation with anti-Semitism, does not separate, the minor criticism in Europe towards Israel's savage military assault on the Palestinians prisoners in Gaza Concentration Camp, from the other Muslim youth street protests, angry at what they see, as the three billion dollar subsidy, by the US taxpayers, for the purpose of ethnic cleansing of Arabs, in the Middle -east.

The blurring of legitimate criticism, of daily Israeli war crimes and actions, with the other, illegitimate retaliation against Israel by the elected representatives of Hamas, serves a useful purpose for Israel. It has become difficult, almost impossible, to criticize, the daily suffering of millions of starved Palestinians prisoners, under occupation in Gaza Concentration Camp, without invoking the label "anti-Semite" from the organized Zionist lobby in the United States, who control all American presidents and indeed politics in Washington itself.

Endless speculation about the ugly return of anti-Semitism, is a powerful censorship tool, which includes the assassination of journalists, as a warning, to the assumption, that Jews, now inhabit a safe environment in the West, to be mistaken. Europe in particular, they insist, has barely moved on, from the days of late nineteenth-century France, when the army all too readily convicted an officer of treason, because he was Jewish.

Among Israelis it goes unquestioned that Jewish immigration, known as "aliyah"" is still supremely important if Israel is to remain a viable ethnic Jewish state and dominate all of Palestine.

The US policy is that the Palestinians who oppose this are terrorists and must be liquidated, are now fearful of Palestinians trying to swamp Palestine, with Arab babies in a war now termed by Israel, as the "battle of wombs". Hence the new phenomena of targeting Anti-semitic babies.

So prevalent is this view in Israel and Washington, that a former air force commander, Eitan Ben Eliahu, went unchallenged in a national television debate, when he stated: "We have to step up immigration immediately and in some way also thin out the number of Arabs here." He was restating arguments expressed with disturbing regularity in the Israeli government, particulalry from within the former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Likud Party.

The government of Israel has re-established the Demography Council, disbanded several years ago after complaints it was a racist institution, to find ways to promote increased fertility among Jewish women and to oversee elimination of Palestinian babies. Israel, however, will be hard-pushed to win the numbers battle, the birth rate among the country's large Arab minority is several times that of the Jewish majority. Hence the tactic of using the laser guided missiles, bought for them by US taxpayers, to target these anti-semitic babies in Gaza is required.

Former Prime minister, Sharon conceded this point early in his premiership, when he ordered one million Jews in Russia, to return to Israel, under the Law of Return. The problem is that many Jewish communities outside Israel, who dominate the media, banking, music, movie businesses, are so well organized and successful, that they are comfortably integrated and dominate their host countries. It is unlikely to be another exodus like the one from the Russia, in the early ' 90s.

There is a minority of intelligent humane Jews, who oppose this ethnic cleansing and below is a video created by one of them, unfortunately the situation in Gaza, bears an uncanny resemblance to the Concentration Camps of the holocaust which were allowed to happen by a compliant audience. Using American F16's, using laser guided missiles on a defenceless population and targeting young children and babies, is simply inexcusable and systematic state terrorism.

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