Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Pecker Dunne

Pecker Dunne was born into a travelling family in Wexford c1933. Like other travellers, he used to play on a fiddle he made himself. He performed outside hurling and football matches. He also busked widely in Ireland, England and France.
Resembling a Mexican bandit with his trademark beard and stocky build, he is a colourful character, as widely known around Ireland as Margaret Barry was to a previous generation. He is best known for The Miximatosis Rabbit and a version of The Black Velvet Band called The Old Morris Van. It was from him that Sweeney's Men got Sullivan's John.
For the past 20 years or so he could be heard singing and playing the banjo in Killarney and at Munster Final day in Thurles. He featured in the film Trojan Eddie with Richard Harris and Stephen Rea. Nowadays he lives in County Clare.
Aged 74, he was treated in a local hospital in 2007 for a throat illness. His spirit was as high as ever. Sr Carmel O'Sullivan said: "Part of his healing process is playing music and we've found that he has brought a lot of pleasure to other patients in the hospital as well. He has been playing the banjo behind his back, playing it with a biro and also with a part of a bicycle pump."



The Dunne Family

History of an Irish Musical Family.Mickey Dunne and his pipes are a unique and well-known phenomenon in the world of traditional Irish music. Mickey's style of piping embodies the free-flowing traveller piping style associated with the legendary Johnny Doran, Finbar Furey, and Paddy Keenan, all of whom have provided Mickey with inspiration. Mickey now provides the next generation of pipers with inspiration by his playing and his generosity with his other musical skills. He is a sought after and a welcome presence at tionols (A gathering of Uilleann pipers) around the globe.
Mickey playing pipes

Mickey's first Uillean pipe CD was The Limerick Lassie, widely hailed as a unique and masterful piping experience. Copies are available from Na Piopairi Uillean in Dublin. The new Dunne CD Legacy features Mickey with daughters Brid and Niamh in a heartfelt offering of gratitude to all who came before them. It gives an insight to the unique contributions these present day Dunne's offer to the dynamic and ever-changing traditional music art form.

Mickey studied the art of Uillean pipe-making under the tutelage of the legendary Cillian O'Briain. He now manufacturers quality chanters, practice set and half sets in his hometown in Caherconlish County, Limerick. Mickey Dunne is life president of the Thomond Pipers Club in Limerick, an organization recently re-established after the lapse of a century.

Concert for the Thomond Pipers Club, 2003.
Concert for the Thomond Pipers Club, 2003. John Rooney, Paddy Keenan, Finbar Furey, Mickey Dunne.

Playing pipes

He is resident musician at Nancy Blake's in Limerick every Monday and Wednesday night, where he can be heard playing his much-loved Irish music with his long time musical friends.

Mickey can be contacted at:

Co Limerick.

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