Monday, December 14, 2009

New Irish Revolutionary Army

A new state-of-the-art, hard-core version of the IRA has been formed
out of elite trained forces from various traditional republican
groups. Reports state that carefully hand-picked groups of dedicated
and proven fighters, have been formed out of the Continuity IRA, Real
IRA and other republican groups, in order to combat penetration from a
web of various British collaboration services. Media sources say those
involved are experienced operators who are meticulous about security
and experienced in running an armed campaign.

Citing one "Republican hardliner," a media source stated the "new IRA
organisation" may not officially bear a name to avoid detection. They
would partly draw on membership of the Real IRA, Continuity IRA, and
"In terms of its capacity to mount attacks, it represents the most
potent threat in terms of launching a new campaign," according to a
Republican source.

The "peace Process" is almost finished with a stand-off threatening
closure of the delicate balancing act of former Republican and
pro-British parties, who form the six county 'power-sharing
executive', now in its final death throes.Sinn Fein with its colleague
Peter Robinson's Democratic Unionist Party, who jointly lead a cobbled
executive who disagree on everything from the transfer of powers, to
policing the impossible justice matters of the failed orange statelet,
manipulated from London, Hollywood and east Belfast.

New Republican leadership is uniting traditional republican factions
who are preparing to mount fresh bombing campaigns both in Britain and
occupied Ireland. Conservative estimates state 200 activists now owe
allegiance to the new force. Veterans of the IRA are drawing in
support right across the board.

British informer services guess that it is not aligned to any
political party, but it is led by hardline IRA members along with
former members of the IRA army council. The "new organization of
traditional republicans" has yet to declare confirmation of existence
but may make an announcement in its own time in the new year, in the
worst possible terms for the British. “In terms of its capability to
mount attacks, it represents the most potent threat in terms of
launching a new campaign,” said one seasoned observer often known as
the hurler on the ditch.

To avoid infiltration by the British services, it is believed to be
“hand-picking” only volunteers who have already carried out attacks or
proven their credentials as reliable members. “It is choosing people
from CIRA, RIRA and other groups, leaving those they consider possibly
compromised, on the outside,” said the republican source. “They don’t
want republicans who are involved in smuggling or other activities
that could compromise them. They might use them to generate finance or
even help mount operations but they won’t be allowed to join.

“This group is highly secretive and paranoid about informants and
their identities being revealed. They are serious operators who know
what’s involved in running a campaign. They’ve done it before ” it

Meanwhile on the political front, Kevin McQuillan, a spokesperson for
the Republican Network for Unity, said that there had been a
“re-alignment” within traditional republican groups.“I think the
turning point amongst the armed groups, ironically enough, happened in
March when Martin McGuinness called the republicans who attacked
Massereene ‘traitors’. The use of that terminology by an iconic
republican figure shocked us,” said McQuillan.

He believes attacks by traditional IRA factions have become more
strategic and frequent. “I think there is a meeting of minds among all
republicans. There has been an increase in attacks and those
operations are more organised and strategic,” he said.

The threat posed by traditional republicans has never been greater,
according to a British source for both the gardai and MI5 who said
that there is an “intelligence deficit” on traditional republicans.“
The main players are under surveillance but there is so much activity
it’s almost impossible to decipher what is happening. They are meeting
and planning the whole time.”

It is believed that new republican special units have been formed to
spear head a long war in occupied Ireland of the six counties. Small,
well trained, experienced, supported by larger units operating in the
occupied Irish war theatre, where the battle lines are sometimes ill
defined with enemies mixed amongst friends in formerly loyalist areas.
Their move into areas such as Ballymena and South Belfast for example,
signals a willingness to engage in a new form of asymmetric guerrilla
warfare in Ireland for the 21st century.

The new units are sometimes referred to as 'cadre multipliers', small
teams of highly trained operators, who can achieve results better than
say regiments with much larger forces, sometimes integrated, sometimes
operating alongside standard service units, co-ordinating attacks in
the six counties with strikes in occupied England, whilst fostering a
positive relationship with marginalized friendly communities such as
the black Irish community in England.

Click  Link - Can't have Capitalism without Racism - Looking back at Malcom X

"During the last year of his life, Malcolm moved towards recognizing the system of capitalism as the root cause of the oppression and indignities suffered by African Americans. Though he never rejected Islam, he stopped doing his political organizing on a religious basis. In June 1964, he founded the secular Organization of Afro-American Unity.

At the OAAU's founding rally, Malcolm stated "we want equality by any means necessary." In a 1964 speech, he said "you can't have capitalism without racism." Malcolm never became a socialist and he never broke with some of the conservative ideas he had acquired early in his life. However, at the time of his death the trajectory of his political thought was towards anti-capitalism, internationalism, and revolution.

In January 1965, he said "I believe that there will ultimately be a clash between the oppressed and those that do the oppressing. I believe that there will be a clash between those who want freedom, justice, and equality for everyone and those who want to continue the systems of exploitation... It is incorrect to classify the revolt of the Negro as simply a racial conflict of black against white, or as a purely American problem. Rather, we are today seeing a global rebellion of the oppressed against the oppressor, the exploited against the exploiter."

Malcolm's identification of the economic and political system of global capitalism as the underlying basis of racial oppression and his arguments in favor of international political struggle anticipated the worldwide growth of revolutionary movements in the late 1960s."

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