Monday, February 22, 2010

Newry Car Bomb Ireland

A massive car bomb has exploded outside a courthouse in the Occupied Ireland border town of Newry, in the latest of increasingly frequent attacks in the province. British Paramilitary Police were in the process of evacuating people from the area when there was a large explosion in a car which left the vehicle ablaze close to the courthouse gates, a spokeswoman for the paramilitary British Police said.
There were no initial reports of casualties, she added. reports are also coming in of another explosion on the border of Occupied Ireland in Fermanagh. It comes only days after a mortar bomb was abandoned outside a police station in the nearby Co Armagh village of Keady.
Last March traditional republicans gunned down two soldiers at Massereene army barracks, Antrim. Two days later they shot dead police constable Stephen Carroll in Craigavon, Co Armagh. Last month a  police officer was seriously injured in car bomb attack in Co Antrim while a number of police stations have been shot at several times in recent weeks.
Traditional Iris republicans want the British out of Ireland, lock, stock and barrel and self determination for the Irish people.

Brutish Bulsscutter Coperation Video

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