Monday, March 15, 2010

St Patrick was an English Barsteward

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St Patrick was no gentleman
He came from indecent people
He built his church in Dublin Town
And on it put a steeple
His father Biggus Dikkus
His mother Incontinentia

His Aunt Victoria
His uncle was a PriKKus
The Wicklow Hills are very high
And so is the Hill of Howth sir
There’s a hill much higher still
Higher than them both sir
On the top of this high hill
St Patrick preached his sermon
Which drove the wild geese overseas
And attracted all the vermin

There’s not a mile in Eireann’s Isle
Where dirty vermin musters
There he didn't put his  third-foot
And fornicated them in clusters
The frogs went hop, afraid of knob,
Slapdash into the water
And the snakes committed suicide
To save themselves from rape and  slaughter
900.000 reptiles blue
He charmed with sweet discourses
And dined on them in Killaloe
On soups and second courses
Where lust worms crawling in the grass
Disgusted all the nation
Right down to Hell with the Holy Spell
He changed our situation

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