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Along with the Cover up of Child Rape, Gerry Adams is Accused of the
Murder of a Widow with 10 children.

Gerry Adams was personally involved in ordering the kidnap, killing
and burial of a mother of ten children who was a widow. The claim is from beyond the grave of an Irish republican
icon, in details of a book made public yesterday.

Jean McConville was 38, a mother of ten young children, when she was
taken from her home in Belfast by the IRA in December 1972, accused of
being a British spy. She was shot and buried. on a beach across the
border in the Irish free state. Adams the Sinn Fein President who is
also accused of child rape cover up, was the man who ordered the
killing, states former IRA commander Brendan Hughes.

He made the statements in several interviews, to an American
researcher in 2001, on the strict condition, that they could not to be
made public, until after he died in 2008. A new book called, " Voices
From The Grave," are in direct conflict to repeated statements from
Adams, that he was never a member of the IRA. With recent revelations
about Adams and Hughes's unblemished track record, Adams is now in
serious trouble with traditional Irish republicans.

Yesterday, Adam's party issued again, its standard denial that Adams
had not been an IRA leader in Belfast when Jean McConville's was
killed."The allegations are not new. Gerry Adams has consistently
denied these. In the last years of his life, Brendan Hughes was very
ill and he publicly disagreed with the strategy being pursued by
republicans. Mr Hughes was a high-ranking member of the IRA at the
height of the Troubles. But as the peace process emerged, he
criticised the direction in which the Sinn Fein leadership was taking
the republican movement."

Brendan Hughes who is a revered Irish Republican hero, in interviews
insisted, that Adams ordered the killing and said he knows what he was
talking about because he "was deeply involved" in the affair. He
stated: "I never carried out a major IRA operation without the okay or
the order from Gerry [Adams]. For him to sit in his plush office in
Stormont and deny it is like Hitler denying that there was ever a
Holocaust. I find it so difficult to come to terms with the fact that
this man has turned his back on everything that we ever did."

Mrs McConville's killing, led to searches for her body year in year
out until 2003. The IRA eventually admitted involvement in her death
and gave details of the burial location to police. Brendan Hughes said
that the IRA found a hidden British army transmitter in her Divis
flat.She was an informer and she had a transmitter in her house.The
British had supplied the transmitter, to watch the movements of IRA
volunteers around the Divis flats complex. We retrieved the
transmitter, arrested her, interrogated her and she told us what she
was doing. She was released with a warning but within a few weeks,
another transmitter was found at her flat. There was only one man who
gave the order for that woman to be executed and that man is now the
head of Sinn Fein. I did not give the order to execute that woman, he
did and yet he went to see her kids to promise an investigation into
her death."

Brendan Hughes also stated that Gerry Adams, ordered the killing of
IRA man Patrick 'Paddy Jo' Crawford, who was previously thought to
have committed suicide in Long Kesh concentration camp in 1973. He
said that the IRA had killed Mr Crawford for being an informer. He
further alleged: "Crawford was executed by the IRA in prison, he was
hanged and the order was given by Gerry Adams. The only reason you
execute someone, is to set an example and to deter others but to hang
someone and then deny it was brutal, brutal murder.

 The British police in occupied Ireland declined to comment on the
deaths of Mrs McConville and Mr Crawford. They will also not comment
on charges of child rape made against his brother which was covered up
by the British Police and Adams for the last 22 years. Ironically
several other colleagues of Adams, including ex-republican Martin
McGuinness, who is now Her British Majesty's Deputy first minister in
occupied Ireland, have also been accused of being British spies.

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