Thursday, April 29, 2010


The Thai army yesterday shot one of its own on the streets of Bangkok. They have been ordered by the British born, Eton educated, unelected Prime Minister Abhisit, to shoot to kill unarmed civilians protesting in Thailand. The following is a link to a discussion in the pro-government media in Thailand, about what is happening in the background currently, between Eton Abhisit and the Army Chief of Staff General Anupong. All of the independent media sites numbering several thousand have been shut down with many sent to prison with long jail sentences. So remember its a pro-government and try to read between the lines.

To carry out such a policy of heartless murder on civilians, Eton teaches a culture of supremacy, of seeing poor and native people as sub-human and then demonizing them with their media mafia, before the many slaughters and massacres ordered by the Eton Rifles. It is heartless and merciless.


Remember Sharpeville
bullet-in-the-back day
Because it epitomized oppression
and the nature of society
more clearly than anything else;
it was the classic event
Nowhere is racial dominance
more clearly defined
nowhere the will to oppress
more clearly demonstrated
what the world whispers
apartheid with snarling guns
the blood lust after
South Africa spills in the dust
Remember Sharpeville
Remember bullet-in-the-back day
And remember the unquenchable will for freedom
Remember the dead
and be glad.
- Dennis Brutus

From Ireland their first colony to India to Pakistan, to the Middle-East, to the war ravaged continent of Africa, the Eton legacy continues with centuries of a policy to foster division  and then conquer the people of no property, the peasants. Whether to antagonize racial or religious division for conquest, the Rifles of Eton educated on this supremacist basis, the British imperialists still cause mayhem on a daily basis while their educated and their heirs the Americans, carry on the tradition of the Butchers Apron, under a flag of the same colour and design. Now we have another Eton educated and British Abhisit, directing another Bloody Sunday and the creation of another civil war  in Thailand.

Link to AllVoices Report

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