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1.Paedo401 up75 down
Short for 'paedophile'. One who molests young children.
*Walking down the street when a men grabs a five year old child's ass. Somebody spots this and shouts "PAEDO!"*
by G Nov 23, 2003 share this
2.paedo329 up76 down
Short for paedophile. Abuser of children.
"I heard his dad was a dirty paedo"
by gramsci Jul 24, 2003 share this
3.Paedo123 up13 down
Pronounced 'Pedo', Paedo is a slang word for Paedophile, meaning the act of older people hooking up, perving on, following or wanting to get in close sexual contact with younger peers.
"My new teacher is such a Paedo, he keeps looking at me."
4.Paedo95 up382 down
From the Greek 'Paedo=Child Phile=Love'
Not a child molestor but a person romantically, physically and sexually attracted to children.
"Why are we so alone when we are so many"?
The worst, darkest group of 'designated perverts'
Pedophiles exist just like homosexuals exist. But there is a HUGE hysteria about a sexual orientation that has existed since the early times of humanity.
by Aries2004 Apr 27, 2005 share this
5.paedo101 up413 down
A person like you and me, who lives in self-denial from such a precious gift of loving children. You might demonize the term for your own evil, perverted needs (helped by the stupid scandalous media that only wants to make profit out of this taboo instead of finding the real truth) but when nobody is looking you are having a crush on a little girl.

From the Greek 'Paedo' which means 'Child' and 'Phile' which means 'Love'
A sexual orientation that has been demonized and criminalized for centuries.

It is simply having a romantic, physical and sexual attraction towards children. It has been heavily misused to compare pedophiles with child molestors. Two different things.
Most pedophiles do not ever molest any children. We have doctor, teachers, artists, policitians, your regular joe, anyone really who is a pedophile.
It is also used to deny children from their own romantic, affectionate and sexual rights.
There are pedophiles just as there are homosexuals. The big difference is pedophiles are todays 'designated perverts' by society in its big, increasing need to hate on someone. The more we keep pedophilia as a taboo and a dark-underground mystery the less we're gonna know the truth behind it.
by Aries2004 Apr 28, 2005 share this
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