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Adams Family : Anesell & Gerry Adams

Adams Family Anesell or Gerry Adams

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Responsibilities of Leadership
In his book "Born Free and Equal" : Ansel Adams documented life in internment camps, set up during the second world war for the Japanese. Internment of civilian nationals was also carried out in World War Two in Britain, where all Germans, Austrians over the age of 16 and some Italians, were called before special tribunals and divided into one of three groups:
In his book "Born Free and Equal" : Ansel Adams documented life in internment camps, set up during the second world war for the Japanese. Internment of civilian nationals was also carried out in World War Two in Britain, where all Germans, Austrians over the age of 16 and some Italians, were called before special tribunals and divided into one of three groups:

A - high security risks, numbering just under 600, who were immediately interned.

B - 'doubtful cases', numbering around 6,500, who were supervised and subject to restrictions.

C - 'no security risk', numbering around 64,000, who were left at liberty.

More than 55,000 of category 'C' were recognized as refugees from Nazi oppression. The vast majority of these were Jewish. Thousands of Germans, Austrians and Italians were sent to camps set up at Huyton outside Liverpool while the majority were interned on the Isle of Man, where internment camps had also been set up in World War One.

Many of the 'enemy aliens' were in fact Jewish refugees and hardly likely to be sympathetic to the Nazis but it was something the British didn't bother to consider, fortunately unlike in Germany, they did not get around to not gassing them. They were treated like Germans and Austrians nationals in the Isle of Man concentration camp, where over 80 per cent of the internees were Jewish refugees.

Over 7,000 internees were deported to Canada, some to Australia. The liner Arandora Star carrying German and Italian internees was torpedoed, with the loss of 714 lives, mostly internees. Others were humiliated with terrible treatment on the two-month voyage, with their possessions stolen or thrown overboard by the British military. An outcry in Parliament led to the first releases of internees in 1940, with more than 10,000 freed resulting in the summertime with only 5,000 left in internment camps.

Internment carried out in the US, had some 100,000 Japanese-Americans interned, many in very poor conditions. Winston Churchill, Britain's leader during World War 2, was at first enthusiastic for the use of internment but later came to be highly critical of internment, describing it in in his own words, "in the highest degree odious and is the foundation of all totalitarian government." One thing is absolutely clear, that wherever internment without trial and this extreme violation of civil liberties used, it is clearly an act of war and does not belong in any sort of a democracy.

In Ireland, since the foundation of two scum states by the British including British Occupied Ireland, internment without trial has been used in every decade over the last one hundred years. This Act of War used so indiscriminately in Ireland is clearly a symptom of a failed political arrangement and and an indictment of British occupation. It certainly has no place, in a supposed Irish Peace Process after 40 years of war and troubles. Political internment without trial by the British was the spark that started the last troubles that cost 3,000 lives in Ireland.

Since the Tories cam to power after the last election they seem hell bent on starting the conflict again, for war profits for their industrial -war complex election sponsor financiers and the ever expanding bureaucracy of a pseudo war on terror. Their self-serving secret service have been given totalitarian powers of secret service trials in secrecy, dispensing with centuries old human rights provisions like habeus corpus.

They have in the instance of their current internment without trial of two elderly traditional Irish republicans retired decades ago, from active service, after their respective release from sentences handed down over 40 years ago. In fact in the instance of Marian Price, they have destroyed, a royal pardon given to her becuase of extreme bad health, after a 200 day hunger strike. Marian Price and Martin Corey have been interned, held without trial for two and three years respectively.

The British have produced no evidence what so ever, in open court against either Marian or Martin. Judges have on several occasions ordered their release. They have been overuled by the vice royal a minion of what now is the SS Gestapo of the totalitarian British secret services, who still run death squads that murder human rights lawyers and journalists post peace process in Occupied Ireland, despite a supposed peace process.

The British have not produced a shred of evidence in open court, very simply, because there is not a shred of evidence. Marian Price and Martin Corey are too elderly, principled, traditional Irish republicans who believe in the unification of the small island of Ireland without outside British interference. They are entitled to their beliefs and are most definitely not engaged in any violence of any description. They are simply too old, as they themselves have said and they have challenged the British Tories to produce any evidence which they simply cannot. As icons of former active resistance to British occupation in Ireland, they are simply being used by the bigoted British Tories and their sectarian state, as supremacist exhibitionism meant to cow andy restless native unto submission.

“We, as citizens, can agitate for tolerance and fair play, but our agitation must be dynamic and persistent,” Ansel Adams wrote in his in his book Born Free and Equal. “It is easy for a ‘fair-weather lover of the Constitution’ to ‘favour’ tolerance, and mouth principles of democracy, but it is quite another thing to stand up against opposition and fight for principles.” Several of Adams’ photographs in his book feature in A Challenge to Democracy exhibition, that explores the pervasive nature of ethnic profiling such as the British Tories are currently engaged in as an extension of their Thatcherite racism which regards everyone Irish, as a liar not to be trusted.

All of which takes us to an Adams more familiar with British internment in Ireland. Gerry Adams as leader of provisional Sinn Fein and a former internee himself, signed up to a Peace Process meant to engage principles of democracy rather than war. Its not a question of being a little bit pregnant. He is either engaged in that process or not. As something voted on by all of Ireland, he and all those who have mouthed peace for years have serious responsibilities to future generations. Gerry Adams predecessors the SDLP walked out of the British Stormont parliament in Ireland, with the introduction political internment. he and his party either put up or shut up. The injustice of internment, an Act of War on the Irish people does not go hand in hand with the justice foundation necessary for peace. A Peace Process without Due Process is an oxymoron. Gerry Adams and the Tories need to stop cherry picking, it is unsustainable with genuine peace.

If Gerry Adams' Provisional Sinn Fein are remotely true to their founding principles and former comrades, who were given orders by their provisional IRA commanders, to engage in operations 40 years ago, for which according to the British, Marian Price and Martin Corey are still now interned, they clearly have responsibilities of leadership, which has not yet been demonstrated to the ongoing rape of Irish children.

In the same way that her British majesty and the Tories have reneged on their royal pardons and commitments to the Irish Peace Process, they themselves by their actions, as opposed to their peace propaganda, are the enablers of the ongoing lawlessness in Ireland. How can they expect fouth generation, deprived, unemployed Irish youth, to have any respect for their sytemic injustice system of repression, that requires political internment without trial, that is "in the highest degree odious and is the foundation of all totalitarian government." Winston Churchill.

It is beyond time for Gerry Adams and his party, stepped up to the plate of being "Born Free and Equal" and demonstrate that like his namesake Ansell Adams, as an elected citizen, he can agitate for tolerance and fair play, be dynamic and persistent, or are they just a‘fair-weather lover of the 'Constitution’(Republic) to ‘favour’ tolerance, and mouth principles of democracy,' or can they stand up against opposition and fight for principles.”

So Gerry, is it Ansell Adams or other Addams family values? We don't have the time to hang around dithering any longer, there are two elderly internees, who have given their life and all for the republic, who are going to die interned, as a result of orders from your commanders. Take responsibility, hold the Tories to account. British political internment without trial, is an a Act of War in an Irish Peace Process.Withdraw from Stormont like the SDLP did. Stop administering Internment !
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SF have called for their release. Did you miss that? And is this the same Marian Price who refused to meet with a SF delegation?

Bobby Sands met with all sorts of rogues whilst trying to resolve the hunger strikes.
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I understand what you say about meeting PSF to be true, which I myself disagree with but I understand that is now changed and they have met several times.

With regard to PSF making several calls for her release is also true. However the Peace Process was sold as power sharing and as such PSF are part of the administration dispensing internment. The predecessors the middle class SDLP walked out of Stormont on principle because of internment and anyone remotely republican cannot countenance internment or the fact that you can be locked away for the rest of your life without evidence, charge or sentence being made public in court and even your lawyers is not allowed the details.

We saw what happens in open court with the Guildford 4 and the Birmingham 6, what chance has an Irish person in a secret court then? PSF need to leave Stormont before the Tories pay a blind bit of heed to them.Cameron told the Finucane family he could not give them an inquiry because there were people in the corridors of Westminster would not allow this to happen

When the journalists and producers of ITV’s landmark documentary, Death on the Rock, exposed how the SAS had run Thatcher’s other death squads in Ireland and Gibraltar, they were hounded by Rupert Murdoch’s “journalists”, then cowering behind the razor wire at Wapping. Although exonerated, Thames TV lost its ITV franchise.

Since the Peace Process the same death squads roam Ireland resulting in the murders fo human rights lawyers and journalists and Cameron doesn't have the power to order a public inquiry? It really is a totalitarian state with PSF participating. No they need to with draw from Stormont if they want credibility!.
Dance on Thatcher's Grave
Dance on Thatcher's Grave
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