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AMAZING GRACE Gerry Adams ReleaseMartinCorey

AMAZING GRACE Gerry Adams Free Martin Corey

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Gerry Adams, looks like he is on the road to ensure compliance with the agreements claiming political prisoners like Martin Corey without trial.
It doesn’t have to be so confusing or complicated. A human being that's arbitrarily imprisoned by those who see him as a political enemy and because of his actions should be released.
Martin Corey, is in a jail, for being a thinking individual, for his ideas. That's so archaic, and lead the Irish people, into the sad episodes like those imprisonments, for no apparent reason, but only to defend human rights.
These circumstances, were lasting for decades, they have to give a full turn, and go down to history.
Selfishness has led Britons to blood, being what they are and always been, not for noble reasons, as would be self-defense. It is a way they find to grow as a country. Surely there're other ways.
To what extent people that dominate by force to other people will also not damage themselves?, can it be in other way?. Can it be in other way??.
British and Irish Government, can find other paths to dialogue and tolerance, Especially if your decisions involve the cost of the innocent lives?. The cost of this are the innocent lives!!. Did you notice?.
If they can get along with their brothers, both subsist. Annihilation of people in prison for their ideas isn't necessary.
It's not necessary that a particular country and his administration, in order to stay afloat, believe that it is good to keep innocent prisoners captive. On the contrary, it would be better for government administrations, to understand, that freedom of expression give better positions to them, and everyone benefits.
If I could, I would like to say to the British Government, and the Irish Government, for me two amazing countries in the world, please, can you let resentments aside to give a way to understanding and peace agreements?
I pray to God to find the better solution for both. As a Christian, I think that To Christ, should the damage persist, it will be hard.
Today, in Ireland, and British Occupied Ireland, have a double standard, is not good for nations, because it is inappropriate for their citizens, and for any human being, is cruel, is vile not to procure freedom and a good rise between brothers and sisters.
Then learn from our Lord JESUS ​​CHRIST, who gave us the gospel wings to live, maybe the Government can give wings to Martin Corey, and so he can live with his family, as a man in freedom and in years.
I don't know if it is the right place to say this, but I have understood that Mr. Gerry Adams, is Jesuit, I wonder if he separates his faith, and put aside his beliefs, for agree with the powerful of the government, or, conversely, ignores all, in pursuit to realize the ideals of his faith, through his hands, on behalf of the principal divine commandment that Jesus left us to all mankind: "Love your neighbor as yourself".
When an innocent suffer, humanity suffers.
It's a hope for many people, that Gerry Adams can make the release of Martin Corey a reality, so, that could be an example of his faith in the Lord.
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