Thursday, June 13, 2013

G8 SUMMIT British Occupied Ireland Bans Orange Order Terrorists


Fascist Orange militias are used by the British government in British Occupied Ireland to do their dirty work.

According to Chris Ford :

"The first movement of 20th century fascism emerged in 1910 to enforce the unity of the United Kingdom... 

"Sir Edward Carson, raised the 80,000 strong UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force) in defence of empire and against unpatriotic socialists and papist nationalists...

"Field Marshall Wilson set up the Specials, a force of 48,000 drawn from the old UVF and Cromwell Clubs. 

"Lloyd George described them as analogous to the fascisti in Italy. 

"In the years 1920 to 1922 these British fascists forced 23,000 people from their homes and killed 400 in a campaign of ethnic cleansing."

If you think of the Orange Order, you might think of Ulster, the Kincora Boys Home, Clockwork Orange and MI5.

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